Native Americans are concerned about many of the same things that concern most people today -- such as jobs, health and education. However, Indian people have additional concerns which are unique to them.

Native American people are concerned about things such as keeping their legal status as tribes, maintaining tribal lands in common, and preserving elements of their cultures which they believe to be very important to their integrity as a people. These cultural elements include Native languages, music and dance, arts and religious practices.


One of the most important political issues that is of concern to Native Americans today is the land. There are many land-related issues that pertain to Indian people.

In addition to ensuring their rights to tribal lands, all tribes are also involved in developing economic resources on their tribal lands.

Many tribes are also involved with ecological issues, such as protecting their lands from the harmful effects of mining, logging and other activities which occur both on and off Indian lands.

Some tribes are involved in struggles to reclaim or receive compensation for lands that were illegally taken from them.

All tribes are involved in jurisdictional issues regarding who has authority over Indian lands and the people who live on them.

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